Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Alrighty then, indeed. It is crystal clear that there was a reason for me to choose drawing over writing. I get it. Undaunted, I turn to the keyboard to start anew. After all, it took me 20 years to figure out I was supposed to be an illustrator, so a couple of years between posts seems just right.

This time around, I think it might be wisest to try and include my many friends in the discussion, as a chat is far more fun (and instructive) than a lecture/rant/diatribe/monologue. So if you get called out by me in a future post, do join the dialogue. I pulled you in for a reason, and c'mon, admit it, a little of the to and fro isn't at all like a visit to the dentist (or proctologist), is it?

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